HST Learning from Health Skills Training has put together a robust easy to understand OSCE Online Learning for Mental Health Nurses. This online learning can equip you to learn Mental Health OSCE at your own pace, time and convenience. Here in HST Learning we have made all the Skills and APIE stations available for you to review.

Introduction to Mental Health OSCE Online Learning

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OSCE Online Learning Videos- Corporate Access

Mental Health OSCE online learning was created by Health Skills Training to provide the convenience of learning on the go, you can pause, rewind and re-learn whenever and wherever you want. Online videos can act as an additional support for your face to face training or you may want to learn by yourself. 

You have the access to the following online learning package when you register for corporate access. This access is only for the corporate customers or candidates who are either referred by your employer or recruiter or given access by the HST delegate. Strictly prohibited for further copying, any type of recording or screen recording at all times. By registering and accessing the course you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of Health Skills Training Ltd.  Click here to access the full terms and conditions.

Skill Set 1

  • Administration of Suppository
  • Reminiscence Therapy
  • Talking Therapy

Skill Set 2

  • Physiological Observation
  • Nutritional Assessment
  • De-escalation

APIE Set 1

  • Assessment -Depression
  • Montreal Cognitive Assessment
  • Care Planning
  • Implementation 1

APIE Set 2

  • Implementation 2
  • Evaluation-SBAR

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